3 ways to remove the shadow from the face

How to remove a shadow from a face in Photoshop?
There are several ways, now we will consider 3 of them.

Here is our model:

Her face is clearly in the shadows, and I would rather like to lighten this pretty face.

So let’s get started. But before you try each method, you need to duplicate the image and work only with a copy.

1 way:Light / shadow

A very effective and simple tool to use is Light / Shadows. You can find it in this way. Image – Adjustment – Shadow / highlight menu (Image – Adjustment – Shadow / highlight)

There appears such a window where you can independently adjust the number of clarified or darkened areas.

The face is fine, but if it seems to you that other parts of the photo have suffered, then you can simply delete them with an eraser (the background layer insures us below!)

2 way:Clarifier tool

First, duplicate the layer, take the tool we need, set it in the tool settings:

Range: medium tones
Exposition = 23%

And we begin to clarify those parts of the face that need it.

3 way:blending mode “Clarification” (Screen)

Duplicate the image, change the blending mode to the upper layer (Screen).

The whole image will be very bright. We take a large eraser with soft edges, erase everything except the face.

If your face seems too bright, reduce the transparency of the layer. Some areas can be corrected with the same eraser, but with a brush transparency of about 30%.

Here’s what we get:

Finishing touch!

If you want the light to fall only on the child, and the rest of the background is slightly shaded, then let’s apply the filter Rendering – Lighting Effects (Filter – Render – Lighting Effects)

Check your settings:

Adjust the diameter of the circle, the brightness parameters, the color of the glow.

As a result, look how it was and how it became:

What is the best way to remove the shadow, you can use it, or you can combine everything at once! Good luck!

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