A simple way to create color swatches in photoshop

In this lesson we will look at a technique that I often use when working with photos. If I like the colors in the photo and I want to use them in design or other projects, I create and store a custom color swatch file. Let’s see how this is done in Photoshop.

Step 1. Choose a photo

Launch Photoshop. Open a photo that contains the colors that you like. In my case, I chose this photo.

Now go to Menu and select Image (Image) – Mode (mode) – Indexed color (Indexed colors). In the dialog box Indexed color (Indexed colors) select the number of colors you want to receive. I chose 256.

Step 2. Create and save color swatches.

Now press Image (Image) – Mode (Mode) – Color table (Color table). You will see a table with the created samples.

Click Save (Save) and specify the name of the .ACT file. You can save the file anywhere. Now open the panel Color swatches (Samples). To do this, click Window (Window) – Swatches (Samples). When the panel opens, select Load swatches (Download samples) or Replace Swatches (Replace samples) by clicking the arrow in the upper right corner of the panel.

Find and select your .ACT file to upload new samples. At this point, you can also change the image mode back to RGB.

Now you can create new elements and select colors for them so that the overall picture looks harmonious. Or you can use these color swatches for other projects.

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