Alignment of objects within specified boundaries

Hello everyone, in this lesson we will figure out how to align the text or shape in a certain space. For example, take a clean document and insert some shape or text there. In our case, it will be a blue avatar.

With the active layer with avatar, click CTRL + A, to highlight the entire document. The selection will play the role of a frame within which the text will be aligned.

Then choose the tool Move.

The following buttons will become active on the settings panel of this tool:

Align top.

2) Align centers vertically.

3) Align bottom.

4) Align left.

If you click on the alignment of the centers vertically, and then along the left edge, you get this:

5) Align the centers horizontally.

6) Align right.

And now click first the alignment on the top edge, then on the right edge. Our avatar will move to the corner:

Everything is fine, only the avatar is completely stuck to the edges, you need to indent a little. Click CTRL-D, to deselect. Then SHIFT + left arrow and SHIFT + down arrow. By pressing SHIFT and arrows on the keyboard, you can move the object by 10 pixels at once in the desired direction.

Use this knowledge to move objects on your working paper. It is very convenient. Using the keys Shift + Arrow you will have even gaps between the elements. And your design work will look more organized and balanced.

See you in the next lesson!

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