Change the time of day in Photoshop

Would you like to know how to use PhotoShop to change the time of day on a photo and convert it from a sunny day to a sunset? Then this lesson will be interesting and useful for you.

In the beginning, you must find a suitable photo. You can use this image. Open the images. First, let’s increase the contrast of the photo. Duplicate the layer (Ctrl + J) and apply Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur, with the following parameters:

Change the blending mode to Soft light transparency 50 %. The result should be as follows:

Merge two of these layers together. Use Tool Sharpness (Brush: 1000 px, Mode: Normal, Intensity: 30%) to add more clarity to the photo.

Ok, now let’s start changing the background. Initially, we must change the sky. Use Tool Polygonal Lasso , to separate the sky from other parts of the image.

Well, we have already made a selection, but you can see that we have some unselected items. What needs to be done? Hold Shift and when you have a “+” sign next to the pointer, you can add a selection.

Ok, now duplicate the selected area to a new layer (Ctrl + J) and apply Layer Style> Gradient Overlay.

Notice the difference?

It is time to change the color of the earth and the water base. Let’s go back to the main image layer. Using the Tool Polygonal Lasso , highlight land and water.

Remember that in the selection of several sections will help you key Shift.

Click Ctrl + J, to duplicate the selected area to a new layer. Image> Correction> Hue / Saturation.

Here is the result:

Dim a little background to remove the appearance of defects on the image. Use the tool Dimmer (Brush: 150px, Mode: Middle tones, Exposure: 20%).

The last thing left to do is change the shade of the building itself. It is necessary to transfer the building itself to a new layer. There is a simple way. Merge all layers into one except the background, Selection> Load Selection, then –  Selection> Invert, then go to the background layer and click Ctrl + J, to duplicate the selected area to a new layer. Apply a gradient overlay to the resulting layer.

Here is the result of this step:

Looks good, but unfinished. Image> Adjustment> Brightness / Contrast:

Now it is better?

That’s all!
I hope that these techniques were useful for you.

Translator: Luksha Yuri.
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