Complicated hair in 5 minutes in Photoshop CS5

Good day. I’m Oksana. I am 23 years old. I have been doing computer graphics for about 5 years. I decided to do this lesson, because there are practically no lessons on Photoshop CS5 in Russian online. This lesson is suitable for beginners, as I will tell everything in great detail.

The purpose of the lesson: make a selection of the girl and transfer it to another background in five minutes. I will use one of the additional features that appeared in Photoshop CS5.

Here is an image of a girl:

So, time has gone!

Step 1. Open the image you are going to work with.

Step 2. Duplicate the Background layer by pressing the keyboard shortcut. Ctrl + J. And also on the layers palette Layers (Layers) remove the eye from the bottom layer.

Step 3. The first thing you need to select a girl as quickly as possible (you can not very accurately). I will use the tool Quick selection (Quick selection). Select it on the toolbar or simply press the W key on the keyboard.

Step 4. Pressing the left mouse button and holding it will try to highlight the background. If something turns out wrong:
the key combination Ctlr + Z cancels one last action;
keyboard shortcut Ctlr + Alt + Z undoes a few last actions.

Try to capture the entire background in the selection. It’s okay if the parts of the girl are also highlighted along with the background. I, for example, turned out like this:

For easy selection, you can zoom in on the image. I like to do this with the keys. And in general, working with keys speeds up the whole process of processing several times.

Zoom in – the key combination Ctrl and “+”
Zoom out – the key combination Ctrl and “-“
Make the image full screen – the key combination Ctrl and 0 (zero)
Hand Tool convenient when the image does not fit the full screen. Allows you to shift the picture. Click on the space bar and move the image by holding the left mouse button and moving the mouse over the table.
Change brush size, which you select by pressing the “[” to reduce the size of the brush and “]” to increase.

Step 5. To exclude unnecessary parts from the selection, select the button in the options panel.

and gently move, holding the left key, to those places where there is an extra selection.

If you need to add something else to the selection, then go back to the selection adding tool:

So, that’s what happened with me:

Step 6. On the layers panel “Layers“(Layers) click on the mask button to hide the background:

The background disappeared, not the girl. That’s right, we after all highlighted the background. To change the selection in our mask, we need the Mask palette. You can open it through the menu Windows Mask (Window – Mask). In this palette, click the button Invert (Invert).

Everything turned out great:

It took me 2 minutes to do it all. And you?

Step 7. In parallel, open in Photoshop the image that you are going to make the background. I have one of the streets of Paris.

Step 8. Now we need to return to the previous picture. It is done very simply. Just click on the tab of the previous image.

Step 9. Tool Move (move) grab our girl by holding the left mouse button and drag her onto the tab of the second picture. Wait 1 second until the bookmark opens and release our girl on the background image. You can arrange it as you like, using the tool .
I did this:

Yes, the hair is not selected perfectly, sticking up pieces of white background, and, in some places, the hair is cut off:

Great, there is work to do. By the way, I have 2 minutes left.

Step 10. First, on the layers palette, click on the mask on the top layer:

Step 11. To edit the mask on the palette Mask (Mask) Click on the Mask Edge button.

Step 12. In the list View (View) select On black (On black). This is done for the convenience of processing contours. If you highlight black hair, then, of course, you should not choose a black background. You can choose an option On white (On white).

Immediately it became clear how inaccurate the selection was:

Tool Refine radius tool, which you can find in the same window, follow the contour of your hair. If last time with a selection you cut off some of the hair, the very time to return them.

Here’s what happened so far:

Now, to make it more natural, I make the following settings in the same window (by typing):
Feather (feathering) – makes the entire outline of the girl a little blurry
Contrast (contrast) – adds clarity to the edges of the selection
Shift edge – cuts the contour (if you move the slider to the left)
The last tick of Decontaminate Colors and the Amount slider allowed me to further remove the white halo around the hair.

If your image is different, then most likely the settings will be different. Try just playing with the sliders and you will see the difference.
All, you can click OK.

Step 13. Look, a third layer with a mask appeared, and on the previous layer the eye was turned off.

Step 14. The result for five minutes is superb.
Here’s how it was:

And here is how it became:

The final:

Fuh, just laid out in 5 minutes.
I really hope that the lesson will be useful for you.

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