General settings Adobe Photoshop

In this article we will talk about the general settings of the program Adobe Photoshop.

Turn to the main menu. Editing – Settings – General … (Edit – Preferences – General …) or click Ctrl + K

A window of this type opens:

In this window, you need to set all the settings as shown above.

1. In line Color palette (Color Picker), which determines which color palette Photoshop will be used, choose Adobe.

2 HUD color palette (HUD Color Picker) – a screen tool that allows you to quickly select colors – leave Color scale (small) (Hue Strip (Small))

3. In line Image Interpolation (Image Interpolation), it defines a method of forming an image with an increase or decrease, leave Bicubic automatic (Bicubic Automatic).

4. In the settings Options (Options) check the checkboxes as shown (although they are in their default position)

Now go to the tab Performance (Perfomance), where you can set the number of history steps, that is, how many steps back we can return by pressing the keys Alt + Ctrl + Z.

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