How to make 4 types of one image?

This is a very useful Photoshop article for those involved in retouching and photo editing. Since in this case it is necessary to have the skill to open several windows at once and to compare the original image with the corrected one.

Now you will learn how to do it.

Open some image, then refer to the menu. Window – Arrange – New window for … (Window – Arrange – New Window for …):

What does it mean? And the fact that another window opens with your image! This will not be a duplicate under a different name, but just another kind of your image.

This allows us to make adjustments on a larger detailed image and see the result on a general view. In our case, the eye is corrected.

By the way, nobody forbids you to open more windows.

Once again, here you do not work with 4 different images – it’s just 4 types of the same document.

In this example, we specially added a red dot to the girl’s eye, so that it became clear to you how it would look in 4 different forms.

See you in the new lesson!

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