How to make your own pattern in Photoshop

One of the most powerful features of Photoshop is the automation of the process of creating textures and patterns, which can then be used for any kind of purposes.

What is a pattern, more precisely, what is a pattern in comparison with a texture? It is very simple: patterns are collections of identical graphic objects that are obviously repeated at regular intervals. Creating an attractive background in design, be it a banner, a website design or a poster, is very important. Choosing the right background, abstraction, vector or any texture will somehow make the work more interesting.

Open a new document to begin with. 1×3 pix, transparent background, increase to 1600% and choose the tool “Pencil” (Pencil Tool), color black.

In order to save the image as a model for further work, go to the menu Editing \ Define pattern (Edit \ Define pattern), give your pattern a name and save. Your pattern will appear in the patterns palette at the very bottom. Now you will not make much effort to use the created pattern. Editing \ Run Fill (Edit \ Fill) (Shift + F5)

The following are examples:

pattern: result:
1px x 3 px
1px x 4px
5px x 5px
7px x 7px
16px x 16px

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