How to protect your image?

In this Photoshop article, you will learn how to add a watermark to an image to prevent your ingenious work from copying.

Step 1. Create a new document.

Create a new 300 x 300 pixel document with a transparent background.

Step 2. Place the watermark

Write your text or place a logo to be used as a watermark.

Step 3. Save the watermark

Go to menu Editing – Define a pattern … (Edit> Define pattern …).

Save your texture with a sign, do not forget to give a name.

Watermark ready! But how to use it, about this in the following steps.

Step 4. Create an adjustment layer

Open the picture you are going to protect.

Now apply the created texture to our file. In the layers palette, click the black and white circle.

and select there Pattern

Step 5. We impose a watermark

Choose your pattern from the list with the sign, it should be the most recent.

Step 6. Reduce the opacity

Reduce the opacity of this layer so that the watermark is not so bright and prominent. Although it is all up to you. In our example, the opacity is 20%.

See you in the next lesson!

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