Important layer operations

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In this article you will learn the most important operations that can be performed with layers, for example, copy, duplicate, delete, select.

We continue to work with our colorful avatars.

1. Copy layer to new document

For example, copy the red avatar layer to the new document.

Make the desired layer active.

Press the key combination: Ctrl + A (select all), then Ctrl + C (copy)

In the main menu, select File – Create or just push Ctrl + N

The menu appears:

Choose Clipboard and push the button Create.

A new document appears with the dimensions of the copied layer.

Press the keys Ctrl + V (the copied image is inserted into the new document)

2. Duplication layer

First select the layer to copy and make it active. Then we call the menu:

And push Duplicate layer. A window appears:

Enter the desired name, then click OK.

The cloned layer appears right on the next, but in a new, layer.

3. Deleting a layer

First, we make the layer that we want to delete active and call the menu as in the previous paragraph.

Choose a team Delete layer.

You can also delete a layer in another way: by dragging and dropping into the basket.

– it is at the bottom of the Layers palette.

4. Image selection on a layer

To select an image on a layer, you need to hold down the Ctrl key and move the mouse over the thumbnail image of the layer (a white palm appears with a selection), and click on it:

With this selection, you can do whatever you want: fill it with another color, transfer it to a new document, etc.

See you in the next lesson!

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