Layer transparency, layer lock, style palette.

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For a complete and clear view of the layers, several parameters need to be considered.

1. Opacity

This parameter changes the opacity of the layer. For example, change this parameter for a layer with a blue avatar to 60%.

See what happens to him! He became transparent!

Have parameter Fill (Fill) the exact same function.

2. Locking layers

On the layers palette you should have noticed the following images:

These are different types of locks.

A lock of 1 means that you cannot draw on transparent pixels.

Let’s set this lock on the blue avatar layer and try to draw a plus on the drawing – plus it turned out only on the avatar itself, and beyond it, the brush stopped drawing.

Lock 2 – does not allow to draw on a layer, a prohibiting circle appears;

Lock 3 – does not allow moving the layer, fixes the position;

Blocking 4 – prevents automatic inclusion in the assembly areas and exclusion from them;

Lock 5 – includes all types of locks at once.

3. Create a folder for layers

Button Create a new group (Create a new set), allows you to create a folder for layers.

Create a folder for all layers with colorful avatars and drag all the layers there.

It can be rolled up to this type:

4. Calling the styles palette

Letter Button “fx” calls the styles palette.

With it, you can apply certain styles to layers, for example, make a shadow, stroke, volume, and so on.

See you in the next lesson!

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