Photos for the site

From this Photoshop article you will learn how to prepare your photo for posting it on a Web page. Here is our photo:

Suppose that from the whole photo you need to cut a photo of a girl in a blue topic. Take the tool Rectangular Area – Style: Regular (Rectangular Marquee – Style: Normal)

and select the form you need to get.

Push Ctrl + C (copy), Ctrl + N (create new document), in the window that opens, select Clipboard and push Create.

and in the new window that opens, click Ctrl + V (paste).

As you can see your photo is inserted, but its size is too big!

Go to the menu Image – Image Size (Image – Image Size). A window appears where you can resize a photo.

While they are:

We need a photo size of 200×210 pixels.

To do this, set the value “200” in the “width” window. In this case, the height will proportionally adjust itself.

Well, I did not guess a few pixels. In order to get the necessary parameters go ahead. Take the tool Rectangular Area – Style: Rectangular Marquee – Style: Fixed Size and set the size of the selection to 200 by 210.

Here is the selection without a few extra pixels.

Press again Ctrl + C (copy), Ctrl + N (create new document), in the window that opens, select Clipboard, push Create and Ctrl + V (paste). Here you have a photo for use on the web page.

Now you need to save it correctly. File menu – Export – Save for Web … (File – Export – Save for Web) We customize the size and quality so that the size is small, but the quality of the photo is good. For JPG, High (High) and Quality 60 are suitable.

Here’s what we got:

See you in the next lesson!

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