Pinning and unpinning layers in Photoshop

First of all, we need to open the required photo in Photoshop. This lesson uses a photo of the model, which will be placed on a bright striped background.

To learn how to remove unwanted background, read this article.

In this lesson we will have only two layers, but in fact their number is not limited.

Step 1

Select the layers that you want to fix. In the layers panel, select the layer you want to dock. We fix the individual layer or group.

To completely block a layer, click the pin button, which is located above the layers (it is made in the form of a lock). If you need to consolidate several layers, select all the necessary layers, and then click on the pin button.

After this, you will see a tiny lock icon next to each pinned layer. To unpin a layer, just select it and click on the same button. The lock icon will disappear.

Step 2

Partially fix the layer.

If you do not want to pin the entire layer, you can always block only a part of it (for example, only transparent pixels). How to do this will be explained in the following steps.

We fix transparent pixels.

To fix the transparent pixels of the layer (and this allows you to edit only the image without touching its transparent background), click on the button Keeps pixels transparent (Lock Transparent Pixels).

Step 3

We fix the pixels of the image

To fix the pixels of the image (this allows you to edit only the transparent background), click on the button Keeps pixel colors (Lock Image Pixels), which looks like a paint brush.

Step 4

Fix the position of the layer

If you want the layer pixels to be impossible to move, click on the button. Anchors the position (Lock Position), which looks like four arrows pointing in different directions.

If you have partially fixed a layer, the lock icon on the layers panel will be translucent.

Step 5

Alternatively, you can pin the layer through the menu Layers > Secure layers (Layer> Lock Layers). Then, in the window that opens, you can tick the necessary parameters.

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