Tree mask in 3 minutes

The task of the lesson:
In this tutorial, I will show you how to cut a tree in 3 minutes. As a bonus, we will also add a new background. It’s really easy, but few know how to do it quickly. I’ll tell you another Photoshop’s secret.

Final result:

Many people have problems with carving trees. This job takes a lot of time, as they think. I promise you that I will show you how to do this in just three minutes and add a new background behind the tree.

Materials for the lesson:


New background

Open Photoshop and resize both images so that they are the same in width, we will start working with the image of the tree.

Step 2. We will choose a tool that is rarely used: “Background Eraser Tool” (Background Eraser)

Step 3. Upstairs you need to change some settings:
1) Take a big soft brush, I used a brush with a diameter of 2013 px.
2) Change sampling (background pattern) on contiguous (continuously )
3) Install limits ) on discontiguous (all pixels )
four) Tolerance: 40 (we do this because the blue background has good contrast with green leaves, if the contrast is not so high, you will need to set the value Tolerance (Tolerance) below)
5) Check the box opposite Protect Foreground Color (Primary Color )
6) We ticked the foreground color protection, so we need to define the foreground color; click on the square with the foreground color> a menu will open color picker> Now use the eyedropper to highlight the green tone on the tree. This action will protect the selected color, so that it will not be erased later.

Step 4. Now the fun begins.
Since we use a large brush, you probably see a cross in the center of the brush, which is good, because this is exactly what we need. Start clicking on the blue, and you will see how this color disappears, do the same with the other colors that are on the left (some white and other bright colors).

Check the areas between the leaves, where blue spots appear through, remove them in the same way.
You only have the tree and the grass. Below is the same tree, but on different backgrounds – black and white.
If you only wanted to cut a tree, congratulations! You did it!
I will add a new background to this image as a bonus.

Step 5. Add the sky as a new layer below the tree layer.
If you look closely, you will see some white lines around the leaves. Therefore, I will show you how to get rid of them.

Step 6. In the layers palette, select the layer with the tree and right-click on it. A new menu will open, in which select Blending Options. This action will open a new window.
All we have to do is change Blend Mode (blend mode) on Darken Color (Substitute Dark) and click OK.

Step 7. We have formed undesirable areas protruding from the grass. Just select your layer with the sky and gently erase these areas.

Step 8. Now you can transform your image using a small soft blur brush (blur) and blur the edges of the grass and the new sky (make sure you have a check mark in the settings Sample All Layers (Sample – all layers) and so on.

There was nothing difficult, was it?

Author: robvdn
Transfer: Antsyperovich Alexandra
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