We draw on the contour

In this article, you will learn how to paint with a brush based on the contours created.

To begin, create a document, I did not use a fill or gradient, since you can do it yourself (I hope).

Next, we select the tool Brush(Brush) and set the necessary parameters.
For clarity, I took a large-radius brush and green.

Using tool Pen(Pen) create a line. Then, by right-clicking, we call up an additional menu, where we select “Outline stroke(Stroke Path).

For a deeper understanding of the pen tool, this is not a drawing, and if we draw a line with a brush, this is actually equivalent to a line drawn with a brush. Simply drawing a beautiful line with a brush right away is quite difficult, which is why we used the pen. So, the outline outline menu.

Now choose Brush, those. what we want to circle our line.

Check mark “Simulate pressure“(Simulate pressure) is responsible for the line thickness. If you select this option, the line will be thinner at first, then thickens by the middle, and will thin again by the end. If you do not use this option, then the line will be of one thickness equal to the diameter of the previously specified brush.

So, that’s what I did. Since the curve created by the pen itself will no longer be needed, we will delete it – right-click, call the additional menu where we select “Delete contour“(Delete pass).

Finally, we can create a brush from the resulting pattern. Holding the key Ctrl, click on the layer in the layers panel, thus loading the selection.

Next, go to the menu Editing (Edit) – Define brush ”(Define brush).


Author: Juliana Stepanova

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