What is a layer and how to create it?

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In this article we will talk about the most important point in working with the program Photoshop – these are Layers! For a beginner, it is difficult to grasp the essence of this concept, but on closer examination everything turns out to be primitive.

If your knowledge of the layers is a bowl of vinaigrette – then this material is for you! If you feel yourself a “master” in this area, still read, you may find something useful for yourself.

What is a layer?

The concept of “layer” in Photoshop has exactly the same physical meaning as in life – it is a layer or layer, which is an integral part of something whole.

Let’s remember the cases where we meet this concept in real life?

  • We cover the walls with a layer of paint.
  • The atmosphere of the Earth consists of several layers.
  • Sandwich: bread, butter, cheese …

Now, in order to visually see the “layer” in Photoshop, you must first learn how to create it.

Create a new document. File – create (File – New) or Ctrl + N.

Now let’s create a new layer:

1st way to create a layer:

Main menu – Layers – New – Layer … (Layer – New – Layer …).

This window appears:

Yes, you can enter a name, but leave the other parameters as in the picture.

2nd way to create a layer:

Right on the desktop in the program Photoshop should display a window with layers, if it is not, then call it with F7.

In this window, on the right, click on the icon marked in the image below. A menu opens where you can select the command New layer … (New Layer …). Then wait for the appearance of the window already familiar to you!

3rd way to create a layer:

In the work with layers there is a bottom panel, where a special button for creating a new layer is located!

If you hold Alt and click on it, the familiar window will appear again. And if you just click on it, then the window will not appear in this case, but if you want to give the layer a name, then double-click on the word Layer 1:

4th way to create a layer:

Use the key combination Shift + Ctrl + N

So, in the work window with layers a square with a chessboard appeared – this is the new layer.

– chess means transparency.

On the working paper, it does not appear.

In order to see the layer, you need to draw something on it.

Let’s place on the new layer the mouth of our future avatar.

Let’s see what we did?

So, we painted the mouth on a separate transparent layer, which proves the image of the mouth on the miniature layer (mouth on the chessboard!)

On the document, the background behind the circle is blue because it shines through the previous blue layer.


– this icon, to the left of the icon with the layer, shows us that the layer is visible

Try to hide the icon by clicking on it, for example, opposite the background layer, it will turn out like this:

There is a mouth. Let’s draw eyes!

Create a new layer again and draw eyes on it. Here’s what we got:

We continue, now on the turn points! Create a new layer!

As you can see, I partially overlap the glasses, because the layer with eyes is under the layer with glasses.

It remains to finish the eyebrows!

Create a new layer!

I hope you understand what layers are in Adobe Photoshop, and also grasped the process of creating a new layer. In the article about the functions and commands for working with layers, you will learn how to copy, block, duplicate layers and much more.

See you in the next lesson!

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