A Sound of Thunder

In this lesson I will describe the process of creating a realistic storm.
Here are the results before and after:

Let’s start!

Step 1. Pick a picture on which you will work. Since I have chosen a photo in which it is daytime, I first need to darken it a little.
To do this, create a duplicate layer (CTRL + J) and change Blend mode (Blending options) copies on Multiplication (Multiply).

Step 2. Now let’s work on the sky. Hide the appearance of a duplicate and work on the main layer. Choose a tool Lasso (Lasso Tool) and highlight only the sky.

Click CTRL + J, to create a copy. A new layer will appear, name it “sky” and place it above all layers. Further CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + B and in the window that appears, set these settings for white balance and black:

CTRL + M, To trigger Curves:

To soften the sky, use tools. Blur (Blur), Finger (Smudge).

Now change Blend mode (Blending options) layer “sky” on Multiplication (Multiply).

Step 3. After the operations you have done, a slight noise may appear on your picture. To get rid of it, you need to create a duplicate of the “sky” layer and apply a Filter for it. -> Blur -> Blur on the surface (Filter -> Blur -> Surface Blur) with the following settings:

Now change Blend mode (Blending options) duplicate on Hard light (Hard Light).

Step 4. It is time for the most interesting part of the lesson. Now we will add various effects.
Let’s start with lightning. Find its image, load it in Photoshop and with the help of combinations CTRL + C (copy) on the picture with lightning and CTRL + V (paste), paste it into your image. New layer name “lightning” and place above all.

Take the tool Eraser (Eraser), stiffness 0, and erase excess parts, leaving the zipper itself intact.

Step 5. On the “lightning” layer, apply Image -> Correction -> Channel Mixing (Image -> Adjustment -> Channel Mixer):

Change Blend mode (Blending options) on Lightening (Screen). Duplicate (CTRL + J) lightning two more times to get this effect:

Step 6. At this stage you need to work with the tool. Stamp (Clone Stamp) to give a lightning more dynamic effect. To do this, you need to define the cloning area, hold down the ALT key and click the mouse in the right place. Brush better to take a big and soft.

Step 7. Next, add the rain effect. Create a new layer and name it “rain”, place it above all layers. Take Brush (Brush) white and 3 pixels. In the brush settings, set the following settings:

Brush the sky. Apply Filter -> Blur -> Blur in motion (Filter -> Blur -> Motion Blur) with the following settings:

After that change Blend mode (Blending options) on Overlap (Overlay).

Step 8. Now let’s give the water a wind effect. Create a duplicate of the very first layer and, just as in the case of the sky, select the water and copy to a new layer. Apply Filter -> Distortion -> Ocean Waves (Filter -> Distort -> Ocean Ripple) with the following settings:

Something like this should happen to you:

Experimenting with Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation) (CTRL + U) I got this result:


Transfer: Maxim Enin
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