Add color in black and white photo

It is a pity that our grandparents did not have color cameras when they were very young. All photos turned out gray, boring, with stone faces.

But how lucky we are! We have not only color cameras, but also a wonderful Photoshop program!

Agree that the color in the photo conveys a lot more emotions.

We offer you Photoshop a lesson on the revitalization of black and white photos.

Open black and white photo:

Let’s paint a woman. Let’s start with the hair.

Add a new layer above the photo. Change the blending mode to multiply (multiplication). Take a brush, determine the color for the hair and start coloring hair.

In this lesson, a woman was tried to be made blonde, for which they used shades of yellow, gold, and brown.

In the image below you can compare how your hair looks in normal mode and in multiplication mode. In addition, the layer with the hair opacity is equal to 80%.

Next, revitalize the skin. Create a new layer and again change the blending mode to multiply.

Choose colors: pink and peach, if the skin is light, orange or bronze, if dark.

You can use the layer mask for convenience, if suddenly you didn’t get very neat and you need to wipe the edges.

Repeat the operation for a woman’s shirt. We do everything the same, only the colors change.

And that’s what happened in the end:

Another addition! Don’t forget about the Color / Saturation window.
(Ctrl + U) – it can help you a great deal when coloring. Just tick the box Toning (Colorize)

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