Add photos glamorous effect

Not a difficult, but very interesting lesson to make art photo.

So let’s go! First we will find a photo for work. I used this picture. Open the picture. Next you need to add space on the photo. Unlock the main layer by double clicking on it, use Image> Canvas Size (Image> Canvas Size) and set the width to about 700 pixels.

Create a new layer under the existing one and fill it with black.

Let’s go back to the photo layer and duplicate it with a combination. Ctrl + J, after discoloring this layer Image> Adjustments> Desaturate (Image> Correction> Discolor) or click Crtl + Shift + U.

For this layer we set the opacity level at 72%. Next, take Eraser tool (Eraser tool) and with a stiff round brush of about 10 pixels, clear the black and white layer to show red.

Now merge 2 layers into one, and duplicate it again. And for the copy we apply the filter Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur):

Change the blending mode to Overlay (Overlap) and set the opacity to 70%.

After we create a new layer and fill it with a gradient: from black to transparent, as shown in the figure below.

Set opacity to 70%. Take Eraser tool (Eraser) (round brush 40 pixels, hardness 100%, opacity 10%) and make small dots on the layer with a gradient above the necklace.

We return the opacity to 100%. After we take Blur tool (Blur tool) (150 pixels round brush, intensity 30%) to blur the space around the points made.

We finished the lesson! I hope you enjoyed it, at least a little.

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