After the rain

It is known that after the rain the roads take on a mirrored look, the colors become brighter, the air is cleaner.

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll do the same thing as after the rain with you. Turn the dry road into a wet, refreshing paint.

Here is a photo of the original:

This is the result to which we will strive:

Step 1

Open a photo with a dusty street, duplicate the background layer 2 times.

Step 2

Reflect the top layer vertically.
To do this, go to the menu Editing – Transformation – Flip Vertically (Edit – Transform – Flip Vertical)

Step 3

Close the eye near the top (inverted) layer, that is, hide it.

Step 4

Now you need to highlight the road. Use any method known to you.

You can see this lesson, if you did not come up with any method of selection.

Step 5

Invert the selection,
for this you can simply click Shift + Ctrl + I

Open the eye at the top layer.

Step 6

Standing on the top layer and with the active selection click Delete.

Step 7

Change the blending mode of the top layer to Soft light (soft light)

Step 8

Set the blending mode for the MEDIUM layer to Overlap (overlay)

Step 9

Now on the same layer you can darken a little bark of trees and grass to show that it is also wet from rain. It will be much more realistic.

Now you can easily refresh your city in the photo!

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