Amazing world of romance in Photoshop

In this lesson, you will learn how to create a beautiful romantic composition using simple combination techniques. All the added elements, such as flowers, a heart-shaped cloud, colorful birds and butterflies, all constitute an enchanting romantic scene.

Final image

Source materials:

Open image with beautiful background.

Using tool Quick selection (Quick Selection) highlight the sky and press the Delete key to delete it.

Go to menu Layer-> New Adjustment Layer-> Curves (Layer -> New Adjustment Layer -> Curves), apply the settings shown below.

Now open the sky image and press Ctrl + T to adjust the size and place it behind the background layer.

Open image field, take the tool Quick selection (Quick Selection) and highlight the sky, then delete it. Place the image on the scene as shown below.

Now add the light behind the layer with the field. To do this, take a round soft brush about 3036px in size and press 4 times, as shown in the figure below. Use as color # fcfbbe.

Add adjustment layers Curves (Curves) and Levels (Levels) and apply the settings as below

Open image c girl and place it in the center of the image. The best way to accurately cut an image in Photoshop is to use selection tools, by far the best method of selection is to stroke the shape with Pen tool (Pen).

Use the black brush to add drop shadow effect, just draw it.

Now add plants on a new layer. You can arrange it in different places of the picture on several layers.

Repeat the same procedure with flowers: mallow, chamomile, tsiniya, yellow lily, rose, and then add an adjustment layer Curves (Curves) to darken the flowers.

Open the images butterflies 1 and butterflies 2 and add them to your work canvas. Place the butterflies over flowers and ivy or anywhere you like. Resize, rotate, distort to get the effect of flight.
Add a new layer leaves and place them above the flowers and ivy.

Open image with a bird and place it on the stone wall. Use a brush to add a shadow and apply a correction layer to darken. Curves (Curves).

Open image parrot and place it as shown in the image below. Repeat the procedure similar to the previous step – add a shadow and darken the bird.

Add another colorful parrot and repeat the familiar procedures from the previous steps.

Add even more leaves as shown below. Remember to add a shadow effect for each layer added. Remember: the shadow must fall on a hard surface, if it is in the air, erase it. To add a shadow, duplicate the original layer, then move the original layer down a bit, paint it black and lower Opacity (Opacity) layer up to 50%.

Open the second image with butterflies. Repeat the previous procedure from the previous steps, add butterflies of large and small size to give depth to the image.

Create a new layer and set the foreground color to black and press Alt + Delete to fill the layer with a color. Now go to menu Filter-> Render -> Lens Flare (Filter -> Rendering -> Glare). Specify the type of lens (105mm) in the settings and set brightness (brightness) at 100%. Also set the center light. Change blending mode to Screen (Screen). Add a mask and use a brush to remove the low light as shown below.

Add adjustment layer Gradient map (Gradient map), use black and white colors. Set the blending mode to Soft light (Soft light) c Opacity (Opacity) 45%. Add adjustment layer Curves (Curves) and set the blending mode for it Soft light (Soft light) c Opacity (Opacity) 10%. Next, add an adjustment layer. Photo filter (Photo Filter), use Warming Filter (85) (Warm filter (85)) with Density (Density) 44%.

At the last minute I decided to add some more details to this beautiful composition. Add some colors in the foreground. Apply adjustment layer Brightness / Contrast (Brightness / Contrast) to darken them, and then apply a filter Gaussian blur (Blur according to Gauss) so that they are not in focus.

Additionally, you can add a couple of light effects using these glare. Just set the blending mode Screen (Screen).

If you want the sky to look more interesting, you can use this. cloud generator and create your own clouds. I used a simple heart shape. Instead of this form, you can use any image, text layer and so on.

As a final touch, I added an adjustment layer. Photo filter (Photo Filter) with the following settings so that all elements of the composition are combined with each other. If you want to sharpen the image, you can add a filter. High pass (Colour contrast).

And here is the end result! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, see you next time.

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