Anti wrinkle photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will fight with old age, and specifically with facial wrinkles!

Using this technique, you can remove other defects from the face: moles, freckles, pimples, scratches and more.

Open the photo from which you want to remove wrinkles. In this case, we will eliminate wrinkles in the eye area.

The tool that we will use in this lesson is called the Healing Brush.

Now, pick the right size for the brush. A brush will suffice for this photo. 15 – 20px.

To the note: duplicate the photo you are going to work with, in order to avoid an irreparable situation. Do all transformations on the copy layer.

So, the operation begins.
Move the brush to that nice part of the face, that is, without wrinkles.
Then hold down the key Alt, the cursor will look like a target. Click on this place to define the source area.

Release the ALT key and start drawing gently right across the wrinkles next to the source. Pixels from the “source” will be transmitted and adjusted to the color in the new place, where you paint with a brush.

What you have to do is identify the source and move it to a wrinkled place. Easy peasy!

Below you have the opportunity to compare what the person was before and after applying the treating brush.


Look do not overdo it! Inspired by this tool, you can remove the real features of a person, then no one will recognize him.

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