Apocalyptic photo manipulation in Photoshop

This is a fairly simple manipulation that we will create today. We use several stock images, textures, brushes, and also we will change the color shades to create a dramatic atmosphere. So let’s tune in to the apocalyptic way.

Final result

Source materials:

STEP one. In this step, we use two stock images to create the background. We use the image of the desert and the image with the outlines of the city to create an apocalyptic background to create our manipulation.

Highlight the city skyline (you can use the tool Fast selection (Quick Selection (W) to select an object), and then move the selected image to the image with the desert. Next, use a soft brush and an eraser to remove the lower part of the image of the outline of the city to create a sandstorm effect, where two background images are combined.

STEP 2 Next, open the image with the road. Move this image to our document. Again, using the tool Eraser (Eraser Tool (E), remove the side edges of the road, creating the appearance of a broken or destroyed road, as well as using a brush Cracks, create the effect of cracks on the road.

STEP 3 In this step, we will add a texture. Open the image with the texture and move it to our document, change the blending mode for the texture layer to Overlap (Overlay). Don’t forget that textures add more contrast to your manipulation. You can add texture as a final step, already to the completed work, but I decided to add texture only to the background.

STEP four. Open images with model and traffic sign. Highlight model and road sign. To the selected image of the model, I applied the option to reflect the canvas horizontally, for this we go Image – Flip canvas – Flip canvas horizontally (Image> Image Rotation> Flip Canvas Horizontal).

And then move the selected images to our document, on two separate new layers.

STEP five. Let’s add dramatic hues to our manipulation. Create an adjustment layer Color Balance (Color Balance), apply the settings that are shown in the screenshot below. But you can play with the settings yourself to create the desired effect.

STEP 6 We will spend Run down (Flatten Image) to get started with technology Lightening and Dimming (Dodge Burn). If you are not familiar with this technique, then you can familiarize yourself with this technique on the website in the section Secrets of Manipulation (Manipulation Secrets). I applied this technique, specifically to the model.

STEP 7 Via Filter– Distortions – Correction Distortion(Filter> Lens correction), we will add a small vignette effect to our manipulation. I used the value Effect (Amount) 90%. But you can use the effect value that best fits your image.

Final result

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