Art of silhouette

In this Photoshop tutorial we’ll draw black ink silhouettes of beautiful ladies and their brave gentlemen.

We need a photo of a woman or a man made in profile.

The Pen tool is best suited for high-quality highlighting. .
If you do not know how to use the pen, then take a look at this lesson.

So, create a smooth contour.

Here is the contour in the finished state.

Next, click on the contour with the right mouse button, select the command To form a selected area (Make Selection).

Feather radius is set to 0, Click OK.

Create a new layer and fill the selection with black.

I hid the background layer (turned off ), so the black silhouette is visible on a checkerboard background.

What we notice flaws here?

1. The floor of the head is chopped off.

2. Silhouette looks boring, unrealistic.

Using tool (move) move the silhouette to the center.

Again take , start dorisovyvat head. Create a path:

We turn the contour into a selection:

Fill the selection with black. Now the head is whole!

Add cilia, fluff hair. We do all this with Per:

After, I returned the visibility to the background layer and combined with it a black silhouette. Reduced the layer with the silhouette transparency.

With the help of Pera, she created a selection around the neckline of the dress and removed the bottom of the silhouette.

Next took the eraser , picked up the same brush size as the beads in the necklace, and clicked around the necklace, except for its lower part.

Then, she returned the transparency to its place, created a new layer under the silhouette and filled it with white. Added date and name.

Here are some more examples:

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