Art processing SPLIT ART

In this tutorial, Max Twain will show a processing method that will turn even a spoiled frame into cool art. As a result, you will breathe a second life into your photos, plus learn how to turn any photo into cartoon art.

document.addEventListener(“jready”, function(){ setTimeout(()=>{ $(‘#bfa-d4c958618e8b9b02b8263a2bc1e87f35’).twentytwenty(); },10); });

According to the author, this effect is most advantageous for contrasting images with many small details.

To complete the lesson you will need:

  • Archive with materials for the lesson
  • Topaz Clean 3 plugin
  • Snap Art 4 plugin

SPLIT ART – bonus from the main online course of Max Twain “PRO RETOUCHER. Fatalism start. If you want to study Art retouch and reach a new level, then you have the opportunity to get access to the course with 30% discount, which is valid from January 30 to February 1.

Go to the course presentation page.

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