Beautiful clipart with Lindsay Lohan

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a colorful and stylish collage.

Here is what you end up with:

Create a new document size 500×400 px. We open in advance prepared two images:

Name the layers with Lohan1 and Lohan2. Hide the Lohan2 layer. Click Ctrl + L and set the parameters as shown below:

Create a new layer and name it lines. Take the Brush tool (Brush):

Circle the black line around Lohan1. Then lower the opacity to 61%.

Now open the Lohan2 layer. Log in Select> Load selection (Select> Load selection …). Now create a new layer without removing the selection and fill the selected circle with color # 7f0329
Make the opacity 25% and blending options make Overlay (Overlap).

Create a new circle and move it to the bottom. Fill it with white. Open this photo:

Cut a flower and drag it to your document. Duplicate it. Change the blending options to Softlight (Soft light) opacity 23% and set the color balance (press Ctrl + B):

Press Ctrl + T and flip the flower horizontally. It will look something like this:

Open this texture. Move it into your document and make it the bottom layer. Next need a brush. Download them here. Select the Brush Tool (Brush) with color # fff200. Take this brush:

Create a new layer and apply a brush on it. Open the Lohan1 layer, press Ctrl + L and set the following parameters:

That’s what you get.

Create a new layer and name it line 2. Take a 1px brush. and draw something like this:

(colors: # ba2a30 and # 05afef)
Select Pentool and draw two rectangles:

Then select Make selection (To form a selected area).
Feather (Feather radius) = 0 px.
Fill the shape with color # 643414. Do the same with the left side.

Select the Horizontal Text tool and write something on the shapes. For example:

Go back to the texture.
Take the Eraser tool and the same brush as in the picture, click once on top of the image.

Create a new layer and set it above the texture.
Use a newspaper brush.

Finally apply this texture to your document. Layer overlay options screen (clarification). Merge all layers
pressing Ctrl + Shift + E.


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