Beauty forever!

This Photoshop tutorial will allow you to capture your beauty forever. We will turn a usual photo into stone.

Open the photo. I found this portrait on the site

Go to the palette Channels (Channels). Find the most contrast channel there, I worked with red, you may have another, for example, Green, so look at the situation.

Now you need to duplicate this channel. I transferred this to the icon .

With the active copy of the red channel go to the menu Filter – Blur – Blur on the surface (Filter – Blur – Surface blur). Leave the default values ​​and click OK.

Go back to the Layers palette. Create a new layer.

Go to the menu Editing – Run Fill (Edit – Fill), choose 50% gray.

The new layer is filled with gray.

And the last step …

Filter – Rendering – Lighting Effects (Filter – Render – Lighting Effects)

Source – Spotlight

Texture Channel – we establish that channel which duplicated. I have it – Red (copy).

Check the box next to the White over high option (White is high)

The parameter “Relief” can be moved slightly in the direction of “Flat” (Flat)

This is the result.

See you at www.!

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