Black and white photo in high key

In this lesson we will learn how to create a black and white “high key” from a regular photo in a fashionable style.

For a start on what are high and low key images.
For a portrait made in a high key, whether it is a color or black-and-white photograph, very light, delicate tones are characteristic. High key means the complete absence of thick shadows.

Ideally, such a portrait should be generally shadowless, with only a few black accents, the role of which is performed by the eyes, eyelashes and partially the contours of the face. With this style you can convey a certain mood. Usually it is associated with femininity, tenderness, gentleness.

Photography in a “low key” is its complete opposite. It is dominated by dark colors, thick shadows, many areas are barely lit. This technique is traditionally used in male photographic portraits, for it creates the impression of firmness, durability and physical strength.

So let’s get started. In this lesson I used my screenshots, as the original ones seemed to me unsuitable.

Step 1. Open our image. Immediately create a copy of the layer by clicking CTRL +J.

Step 2. We translate the image in black and white, more precisely, in a gradation of gray. This can be done in different ways. I will use the simplest.
Choose Image – Correction – Discolor (Image – Adjustment – Desaturate) or click SHIFT +CTRL +U.

Step 3. Apply filter to image Contour Sharpness (Unsharp mask)

Step 4. Brighten the image with levels.
To do this, select the menu Image – Correction – Levels (Image – Adjustment – Levels) or click CTRL +L. Drag the sliders in the direction of light colors.

Step 5. Copy the image to a new layer by clicking CTRL +J. Change the blending mode of the top layer to Overlap (Overlay). You can do this directly in the layers palette, or by pressing the combination SHIFT +ALT +O. I prefer to use the keys, as it is very time saving.
Apply a filter to this layer. Gaussian blur (Gaussian Blur) with a fairly large radius.

Step 6. Next, create a layer mask by clicking on the icon. at the bottom of the layers palette.
Choose brush with soft edges and setting black color (pressing D), paint the mask on the eyes, nose and lips. You can walk a little hair.

Step 7. That’s what happened.

I hope you find this lesson useful.
I wish you success in the development of Photoshop and Happy New Year!

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