Blinding smile

Have you brushed your teeth today?

We offer you a great way to whiten your teeth in Photoshop so that your smile turns into a Hollywood star!

Open the photo where you would like to create a snow-white smile.

Although the teeth in this image are almost perfect, now you will see that nothing is perfect, even for models.

Let’s get started!

We need to separate the teeth. You can do it like this:

one) Using the magic wand tool
Press the teeth while holding the key Shift, until the entire surface of the teeth stands out.

Check settings:

2) Another better way is to use the Pen tool to select (pen tool)

Set the following tool settings:
Zoom in and begin to extract the teeth along the contour.
The advantage of this tool is that you yourself control the edge of the contour, and not depend on the quirks of the magic wand.

When the outline is ready, right-click the outline and select the command Make selection

A window pops up. Set the feathering to 1 px, so that the selection is not sharp. Click OK. Here is the selection.

Press combination Ctrl + J and you copy the selected teeth into a separate layer.

Hide the eye opposite the main layer

Now you only see the teeth on a transparent background. If you want to correct something, you can do it here using the cut tools and the eraser.

For example, I removed the dark spots between the teeth on the right.

Return the eye opposite the main layer, go to the layer with teeth and press the key combination Shift + Ctrl + U, to discolor teeth.

Attention: blending mode on both layers must be Normal

Click Ctrl + U
The Color / Saturation panel appears.

Changing the parameter Lightness you will notice that your teeth will start to turn white wildly!

Bring approximately to the same extent as in the picture. Do not overdo it, we need naturalness!

Refer to the layers panel in the Opacity parameter (Transparency) – play with the slider, you need white color to stick to your teeth, achieve a natural effect.

When the teeth are burning like phosphorous bulbs – this is also bad.
I did it like this.

And now let’s remember the advertising of toothpastes, there are also such comparisons:

That’s what happens after regular use of Photoshop toothpaste! Paste Photoshop – the best pasta in the world !!!

I think you enjoyed your snow-white smile!

See you at www.!

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