In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to cover your entire body with tattoos or make beautiful body painting.

For the lesson was used photo Jeri Halivel.
Look at the result we get at the end of the lesson.

The author picked up these three pictures with tattoos for the design of the body of Jerry:

So, proceed to decorating the abdomen.

Using the Move tool, drag the tattoo image onto the document with Jerry. Use the free transformation (Ctrl + T) to reduce the image and give it the desired position. Do not forget that if you right-click on the frame, additional tool parameters will appear that will help you in the process of work.

Remove excess areas with an eraser or using a mask.

All you need to do now is go to the layers palette and change the blending mode with Normal on Multiplication (Normal – Multiply).

Everything is very simple! With this blending mode, the white color on the tattoo will disappear, and the black color will remain on the body.

If your tattoo is made in shades of gray, then you have the opportunity to repaint the tattoo in a different color. This will help you the tools Color Balance (Ctrl + B), color / saturation (Ctrl + U). Do not forget about the transparency of the layer.

We do the same with the other parts of Jeri’s body. Take a picture with a tattoo, if necessary, duplicate, reduce and place on the body.

The image below shows the process of blending tatoo layers with a tattoo.

It seems that everything here is messy and confused, but if we change the blending mode to Multiplication, everything immediately falls into place. We no longer see the extra white areas, and the texture of the tattoo fits well, and the images smoothly flow from one to another.

The second hand underwent the same actions: duplication, placement, removal of unnecessary sections.

Perhaps in some moments when fitting the tattoo you can save the filter Plastics (liquify) or team Distortion from the tool free transformation.

Try to make transitions from tattoos to clean areas of the body smooth, for this use a soft brush.

Color tattoos.

In general, the exact same technique is used as for black and white tattoos. But here you can pay more attention to color, make some shades brighter, some paler. Dream and then become a master of body art.

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