Bronze tide

Bright bronze casting of photos is easy to do in Photoshop.

Open the photo you want to apply this effect.

Click Ctrl + Shift + U – to discolor.

Go to menu Layers> New Fill Layer> Solid Color (Layer – New Fill Layer – Color). It is set to black by default, just click OK.

In the layers palette, set the new black layer to the blending mode on Color Burn, now double click on the black box on the layer – a color picker will appear.

Choose a color, somewhere between yellow and orange. This lesson uses color. # D58925.

This will give you this effect:

All is well, but you can still adjust.

Go to menu Layers> New Adjustment Layer> BrightnessContrast (Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Brightness and Contrast).

Play with the settings. The following parameters came up for this image: +35 Brightness, +6 Contrast.

Add another cor. layer, this time “Levels” (Levels)

Set the sliders so that you are satisfied with the display of shadows, light areas and mid-tones.

Here is the final option:

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