Car in gold frame in Photoshop

Final result

Baseline materials:

Open the image of the car Aston Martin in Photoshop. I chose a car of silver gray color.

Separate the car from the background. Using tools Pen (Pen Tool) and Angle (Convert Point Tool), create an outline around the image of the car.

Hold Ctrl + Enter to form a selection. Next we go Editing – Cut (Edit> Cut), then go again Editing – Paste (Edit> Paste) to paste the selected car image onto a new layer.

Let’s go Image – Correction – Curves (Image> Adjustments> Curves).
Select the RGB Channel and slightly move the top point to the left.

Blue Channel (Blue Channel): Move the top point down.
Red Channel (Red Channel): Move the top point to the left.

Apply layer styles Gradient Overlay (Gradient Overlay).

Play around with the color correction settings for the best results.
You can slightly increase the parameter. Saturation (Saturation) and add shades of red and yellow in the correction Color Balance (Color Balance).

Place the original Aston Martin car layer below the layer with our working image of the car we created.
To the layer with the gilded car, add a layer mask.
Using a soft brush, process on the layer mask of the car window.

Pick up the texture of crumpled foil.

Using tool Transformation (transformation) using the option Deformation (Warp), warp the foil texture.

Using tools Pen ( Pen Tool) and Angle (Convert Point Tool), create a contour around the car body. Press Ctrl + Enter to form the highlighted area.

Let’s go Selection – Inversion (Select> Inverse).
Remove excess areas of foil texture.

Change the blending mode for the foil texture layer to Overlap (Overlay).

Move the torn paper texture to our working paper. Place this texture below the foil texture layer. Download Torn Paper Texture.

Eraser the edges of the torn paper texture.
Apply layer styles Color overlay (Color Overlay).

Place a small piece of foil below the layer of torn paper texture, add shadows with a soft black brush.

Final result

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