Castles in the air

Photos will be required for the lesson:

Materials for the lesson:

The mountains




It is also necessary to download the brush “Galaxies”.

Create a new document 500×700. Fill it with black (# 000000).

Step 1. Create a new layer and call it “Stars.”

Now you need to draw the stars on this layer. Select the brushes you like from the downloaded ones and paint first with white (#ffffff), then yellow (#e5f51c) and at the end of lilac (# 6c0d8c) the color of the stars, space systems, etc. You should have something like this:

Above the “Stars” layer we create a new layer and call it “Clouds”. Then we change the main color to # 670580, and background on #a60bf7 and apply the “Clouds” layer Filter – Rendering – Clouds. We leave 100% fill and opacity, we change only the blending mode to Lightening basics. This is what should happen:

Combine 2 layers and background in one layer. Now it is called Background.

Step 2. Open the image with the mountains and drag it to our work with the tool “Move (V) Formed a new layer, let’s call it “Mountains”. Adjust the image size using Ctrl +T “Free Transform” (to keep the proportions hold Shift) and place them in the middle. “Eraser (E) remove all unnecessary, except the mountains. After that, an eraser of 60 pixels., With a stiffness of 0% and an opacity of 40%, gently draw over the top and bottom of the mountains.

It should look like this:

Step 3. Open the image with the lock and select the lock with any tool. We go Selection – Refine Edge and set the parameters:

And again with the help of displacement (V) Drag the image to our work. Resize (Ctrl + T) and set to the middle:

In this case, we have formed a new layer. Let’s call it “Castle.”

Step 4. Open the image of the forest and move it (V) to work. The resulting layer is called “Forest”. Via Ctrl +T customize the size. Set transparency to 35%, select “Eraser (E) with an opacity of 100% and a stiffness of 0% and remove part of the forest: from the bottom, from the top and on the castle itself. At the same time there is only a forest around the castle:

Increase forest opacity to 85-90%:

Step 5. Open the image with the clouds.

Drag to work, the resulting layer is called “Clouds 1”. At this stage, the algorithm of actions is similar to step 4: apply free transform (Ctrl + T), reduce the transparency of the layer using the soft “Eraser remove excess clouds. You can reduce the opacity of the Eraser to 20-30% and walk along the edges of the clouds, which will give greater transparency to the clouds. Place the “Clouds 1” layer between the “Mountain” and “Castle” layers. Return the opacity of the “Clouds 1” layer to 100% and apply the blending mode to Spot light:

Select the second image with the clouds and drag it to work:

Similarly, edit the image. We place the layer above the “Mountain” layer or above the “Clouds 1” layer as you like. Blending mode I set Glow.

The layer 1 formed when moving can be combined with the “Clouds 1” layer. Let’s name the resulting layer “Clouds”.

Step 6. Select the image with the planet and drag it to work. Resize the image and rotate the planet a little to the side with Ctrl + T. In order to decide on the position, you can reduce the transparency of this layer.

And again we remove unnecessary parts of the image using a soft eraser. Thus, we leave only the planet and the rings around it:

It is seen that the planet stands out a little because of its color. Change it. To do this, use the key combination Ctrl + B. Set the following parameters for Mid Tones and for Shadows:

Let’s name the layer “Planet”:

Step 7. Create a new layer. Main color – # 670580, background – # a60bf7. Filter – Rendering – Clouds. Set the blending mode to Hard light, opacity – 30%. All is ready!

Author: Andrey Popov

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