Catch the focus

In this lesson, we, as professional photographers, will learn to adjust the focus on the image, only we will not do this with a camera, but only using the techniques and techniques of the wonderful Photoshop program.

1 step

Look at this image. It is very interesting how the photographer managed to take the whole object into focus (the fingers of both the near hand and the distant hand are perfectly clear)!

Not order :)

Let’s experiment with the focus. We focus on the face, and leave everything else lightly in the fog.

2 step

Duplicate the image with the girl (Ctrl + J)

3 step

Apply to the top layer Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur). Set your settings, the main thing is that the power of the blur was approximately the same as in the picture.

4 step

Add a layer mask.
To do this, click on the icon at the bottom of the Layers palette.
A white rectangle will appear near the layer icon.

5 step

Choose a tool , color set to black and white.
In the gradient type settings, select Radial – .
There, in the settings, click on the arrow next to the gradient image and select the very first “from main to background”.

6 step

Click on the white rectangle (on the layer mask) – square brackets will appear – it means it has become active.

It’s time to apply a gradient. The center of our focus will be on the nose, so click on it and drag the gradient to the side.

See what we did.
The face of the girl in perfect focus, but the sharpness gradually disappears closer to the edges.

7 step

In the same way, you can use different types of gradient and experiment with focus.

If you take the Mirror Gradient and apply it, you get …

It turns out …

Like this:

Remember that you can adjust the resulting gradient with black and white brushes! With the active layer mask, the black brush will erase and the white brush will restore.

Now the focus of the image is in your hands!

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