In this Photoshop tutorial we will make a collage “Centaur” with you.

For the lesson I used these three pictures.

If you want to repeat the lesson on my pictures, then you can download them HERE.

And that’s what I got as a result:

And now everything is in order.

Open the picture with the horse. We will need to remove the head from the horse, because the torso of a young strong man will take its place.

Use the stamp tool. . We clamp Alt click on the clean area, release, click on the head.

Cut out the torso of a man and place it in a new place!

In order for the torso of the man to merge with the horse’s body, you will need to process the edges with a soft eraser, as well as the Finger

At the moment our drawing looks like this:

Create a new layer and fill it with dark blue. Change the blending mode to Multiplication (Multiply)

Standing on the blue layer, click on the “Add layer mask” icon in the layers palette. .

Next, take the Gradient tool. black to white view: radial , and draw a gradient like this (as the arrow shows):

As a result, part of the blue layer will be erased:

Open the document with the texture of black marble and place it on top of all layers.

Change the blending mode to Lightening basics (Color dodge)
Reduce layer transparency to 46%

Now add the moon and the stars.
Create a new layer. Take the tool and draw a round selection. Right click, find the parameter Feathering (Feather). Set the size to 2 pixel.

Fill the selection with white.

If you want to add a glow behind the moon, then duplicate the layer with the moon, go to the menu Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Blur – Gassian Blur).

Note that the layer with the blurred moon should be located lower than the clear moon.

And the final touch – add stars to the sky. You can even draw the constellations known to you. I’ve tried to portray the bucket :)

Centaur Friend, by Lana.

See you at www.https://photobecket.com!

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