Change the background in the photo

This Photoshop tutorial will tell you how to replace the background in a photo.

In this lesson we have to combine these two photos:

To get this:

Now you will learn to change the boring background in the photo to a more interesting and picturesque.

There are many ways to do this, your attention is invited to the easiest and most effective technique.

So, you have opened two photos, preferably the same size.

1. a. Go to the photo where you will take the background.
Select the entire image (Select> All) and copy it (Edit> Copy)

b. Go to the photo with the foreground, click (Edit> Paste) to insert a photo.

c. On the layers panel you will see this picture:

The layer with the future background is located above the photo with the foreground.

2. Now add a layer mask, for which in the main menu go to Layer> Add Layer Mask> Hide All

Look at how the layers panel has changed (a black square appeared on the right of the layer):

3. Select the Brush tool.

4. Make sure the colors you are working with are in the white / black position.

5. Now, using a small soft brush, just start painting the places where you want to change the background.

You may need to periodically change the size and softness of the brush in order to color hard-to-reach places.

We hope that you have succeeded! Successes!

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