Change the color of the car

See what should be the result of our work:

With the program Photoshop nothing is impossible! In today’s lesson we will learn how to work with the colors of the finished image, with the Lambardzhini machine. We will give it a more strict and businesslike look, because, after all, Lambardzhini is a symbol of solidity and success in business. Therefore, it should look serious.

Here we need these images:

Open the image with Lamborghini. Since the dimensions of the image are too large, for a start we will reduce it to 1680 by 1050 pixels. To do this, go to Image > Imagesize (image – image size) or click Cmd/Ctrl + Alt + Ion keyboard

Now unlock the background layer by double clicking on it with the mouse. Name the layer “The foundation“.

Now let’s work a little more on image sizes. Go to Image > CanvasSize (image is canvas size) or just click Cmd/Ctrl + Alt + C. In the window that appears, set the height (Height) 1050 pixels and click OK. And then click “Continue” (Proceed) in a new window in which a warning will appear that the size of the canvas is smaller than the size of the image itself

Now activate PenTool(P) (pen) and create a contour around the car, as shown by me. Try to be accurate and neat.

Leaving active PenTool (P) (Pen), make a PC and select the option Makeselection (make a selection). Set the radius of feathering (Feather) 0 pixels.

Usually, in order to change the color, the next step is not used. But we have to change the yellow color to black, so we have to work a little more. Activate the machine layer and go to Image > Adjustments > Desaturate (image – correction – discolor), or press on the keyboard Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + U. Do not remove the selection after this!

Take RectangularMarqueeTool (M) (rectangular selection area) and click the PC on the free space. Choose from submenu LayerviaCopy (copy layer) and rename “Layer 1 ” into the layer “The body of the machine.

Make sure the layer is “Machine body ” still active and go to Image > Adjustments > ReplaceColor(image – correction – replace color). In the window that appears, set parameters such as in my drawing, but DO NOT CLICK OK!

Now click anywhere near to select the color you want to replace and start adding colors that will later replace black. Do this by holding Shift and clicking on the body of the machine. Try not to touch the lights, glass and, because the color of these image details, we do not need to change. This is how the selection should look like:

Now add a vector mask to the layer “Machine Case. Using PenTool (P) (pen) draw the outline we need to highlight the car numbers, headlights, mirrors and the grid.

Now make a PC (the pen remains the active tool) and select the command MakeSelection (make a selection). Set the blending radius to 0 pixels.

Activate BrushTool (B) (brush) and set the primary color to # 000000. Now start painting on the selected part of the layer mask. ”Machine body ”:

Now go to the layerThe foundation” and activating again PenTool (P) (pen), draw a contour, as in my picture:

Take RectangularMarqueeTool (M) (rectangular selection area), make a PC and select from the menu the option LayerviaCopy (copy layer). Name the created layer “Wheel rims ”.

Staying on the same layer, go to Image> Adjustments> Replace color (image – correction – replace color) and set Lightness to -60. Now press Shift and click on different parts of the rims of the wheels, adding the remaining color swatches that we need to replace. This is how it should turn out:

Open a new layer above the layer. ”The foundation” and name it “Headlight 1 ”

Take BrushTool (B) (brush), set the color to # e48223, take a 34 pixel soft brush, 0% stiffness and draw like this:

Now change the blending mode of this layer to Color (Color) and set the transparency to 31%.

Open a new layer above the layer. ”Headlight 1 ”. Call it “Headlight 2 ”.

Again, take a 34 pixel brush with a hardness of 100%. Color # e48223, draw such a figure:

Set the layer blending mode to Color (color) and set the opacity to 74%.

Activate the “Foundation” layer and using Pen tool (P) (pen) draw the following outline on the machine number. Make a PC, choose a command Make selection (make a selection) and set the feathering radius to 0 pixels.

Now take MagicWandTool (W) (magic wand) and using the command Substract(extract), click on the letters until the selection is completely from the part on which they are written.

Take a large brush with a hardness of 100%, set the color to # 2343e4, activate ColorReplacementTool (B) (color swap) and draw it until you achieve this result:

Deselect. Activate BurnTool (O) (dimmer) and set the mode to Shadows (shadows) and exposure 17%. Now darken the grille on the front of the car:

Now, being on a layer “The foundation”, click on the layer mask “Machine body ” and highlight the mask. Go to Select>Inverse (highlight – invert) or press Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + I. You can use the tool PolygonalLasso (polygonal lasso) and then the option Subtractfromselection (extract from selection) to remove selection from the whole image, except for the wheels of the car.

Activate BurnTool (O) (dimmer) mode Shadows (shadows) and with Exposure(exposure) 60%. Take a big hard brush and draw on the selected area. Do not deselect. Change the mode to Midtones(moderate tone), and the exposure by 30%. And draw the selection again. Finally, set the mode to Highlights(light colors) and set the exposure to 15%. Draw the desired area again and then deselect.

Activate again BurnTool (O) (dimmer). Put the mode Shadows (shadow) and exposure 60%. Take a brush with a size of 60 pixels and a hardness of 15% and darken the wheels, the gap between the wheels and the body of the machine, as well as the shadows under the machine itself.

Select all layers, make a PC on the layers palette and select the command MergeLayers(merge layers). Name the resulting layer “Final image

Pressing Cmd/Ctrl + J, duplicate this layer. Now go to the copy of the layer Filter > Blur > MotionBlur (filter – blur – motion blur) and make these settings:

Add a layer mask, activate BrushTool (B) (brush), take the black color, choose a large brush with a diameter of about 130 pixels, set the stiffness to 0%. But we need to blur the right side of the image a little more, without affecting the car itself:

Select all layers again and select the command from the layers palette. mergevisible (merge visible layers). Name the layer again.The final image “

Now choose Burntool(O) (dimmer), set the mode to the shadows and exposure 16%, again select a large brush with a size of 453 pixels and 0% stiffness and darken the whole image a little:

Now we will add another effect. Log in Filter > Distort > LensesCorrection (filter – distortion – the default lens). Put the Amount(number) at -100, and Midpoint Midpoint) at + 28

Go to the tab Channels (Channels), select the red channel and press Cmd/Ctrl + 3

Go to Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast (image – correction – brightness / contrast) and set the contrast to 50 and press OK.

Select the green channel and press Cmd / Ctrl + 4. Go to Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast (image – correction – brightness / contrast) and set the contrast to 50 and press OK.

Now go to mode Rgb and press Cmd / Ctrl + 2.

Open a new layer and name it “Orange color”. Take the tool PaintBucket (fill), set the color to # ff9600 and fill the layer. Set the layer blending mode to Overlay(overlap), and Fill (fill) at 22%.

Take the tool TypeTool (font) and write the word “Lamborghini.” in the upper left corner. Change the font to Champagne (Champagne) with a size of 100.

At the end, make a PC on the text layer go to Blendingoptions (overlay options) and set the following settings:

That’s what we did. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Thank you for your time and patience with which you followed my recommendations.

Lesson author: Aleksandar Simic

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