Collage Day and Night

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will see how you can successfully combine photos to create the wonderful Day and Night collage.

Step 1. At the beginning you should decide on the size of the canvas. After we take a photo of our background and place it on the canvas.

Step 2. Now we insert the reflected part of the picture. Her place will be below. We select and copy it on a new layer.

Step 3. We will place it below. If you did everything right, then the interval between the photos will not exist. They will be reflected symmetrically.

Step 4. Next you need to select the bottom of the picture.
Take the Brush tool (B) (color: # 04274d), set the following parameters in the brush settings: Mode – Color tone (Color Mode – Hue) , Opacity (Opacity) – 100% and paint over the selected part.

We made a selection in order not to touch the upper part with a blue brush.

Step 5.

We use, Burn tool in the range Mid tones (Midtones Mode), opacity – 100%, to darken the bottom. We cover the entire selected area.

Step 6. Let’s make brighter clouds on the dark part of the collage. To do this, take the tool Sponge about 150 px. Do not overdo it!

Step 7. Place another image with clouds on the top of the collage, edit the size with Ctrl + T.

Step 8. We change the cloud layer style to Overlay (Overlap) fill = 100%.

Step 9. Now, we turn to the dark part of the collage. To do this, take another image with the sky, with darker and threatening clouds. We also resize to fit and place it above the layer with the dark part.

Step 10. Now we change the blending mode of the layer with the second structure to Soft Light (Soft light), fill / fill at 100%.

Step 11. To get rid of the yellow tint on the clouds, we again take the brush with the same settings as in step 4 and paint it in the image.

Step 12. Let’s make the sky more fantastic and interesting. This time, we will start with the dark part of the collage. You need to insert a picture of the planet on a black background and move it above all other layers.

Step 13. We change the layer style from planet to Linear Dodge (Linear Dodge) and reduce its size a bit. Now we have to find a similar planet for the top. We will make its size the same as the size of the first planet. Using tool Eraser we will erase the excess part that will be hidden by the cloud.

Step 14. Next we change the layer style from the second planet to LinearDodge (Linear Dodge).

Step 15. Let’s add some stars to the sky.

Step 16. Next we need brushes, download them here.
We take tool Dodge , In the tool settings, set the range – Light.

Go to the original photo with a bright orange sky and click on it.

Step 17. We do the same with the bottom of the collage, but here we use a vertical brush. This will emphasize the contrast between the dark and light parts of the picture.

It’s all. I hope that you will like the result, as well as me.

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