Collage – Spring and Winter

If you want to see yourself in the image of Spring and (or) the Snow Queen, then this lesson is especially for you!

The collage we create has a vertical shape and resembles a card from the deck. Looks impressive, right?

1) Create a new layer with the following parameters: Width 479, Height 1024, Resolution 72 ppi, Color mode RGB 8 bit Background content White or Transparent (but then be sure to fill the white color).

2) Open the photo with the desired image, which we later turn into Spring and Winter.

3) Cut it in any way convenient for you. Personally, I always use the pen tool.
Just select the area I need and execute the command. To form a selected area (Make Selection), where I leave everything unchanged.

4) Copy the image to the new layer, alternately pressing Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V

5) To adjust the size of the photo and correctly place it on our background, just press the Ctrl + T combination. Next, apply the Transform to make the settings take effect.

6) Go to Image – Rotate Canvas – Flip Canvas Vertically (Image – Rotate canvas – Flip vertical)

7) Press the previously used combinations Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V

8) A second image appeared in front of you, only upside down. Press the Ctrl + T combination again and correct the size by placing a new image at the top of the collage.

9) If the border between the images is small, align it using the Blur tool. . If there is a thick white stripe between images – use the Stamp tool first , then the Blur tool . Now the image is reflected in the water.

10) Let’s turn our girl (which is located at the top) into Spring! Temporarily turn off the eye in front of its mirror image.

Duplicate layer (Ctrl + J)
Apply blend mode to the top layer. Linear Dodge (Linear dodge).

Go to menu Image – Correction – Brightness / Contrast (Image – Adjustment – Brightnes / Contrast)

Set the Brightness and Contrast Mode to -10.

Merge the two upper layers with Spring (Ctrl + E)

11) Choose some suitable background for our Spring. It can be flowering trees, flowers, greens, etc. All that you associate with spring.
Change the blending mode of the layer with the background (nature) to Difference (Difference).

12) Create a new layer. Show imagination; using any brushes suitable themes, decorate the corners.
Select a brush color as desired.
Personally, I used the blue # 0043BF.
Apply the following parameters to the brush: Shadow, Outer Glow, Inner Glow – Unchanged, Inner Shadow – White.

Our Spring is ready!

13) Turn on the eye opposite the vertical reflection (that is, the future of Winter).
Flip the image by applying the command Image – Rotate Canvas – Flip Vertically (Image – Rotate canvas – Flip vertical).
Now for the winter we select a good background. Just let it not consist of some snow drifts, because we will add the falling snow ourselves.

14) Change layer with Dissolve overlay for winter background. Opacity = 70-92%
Depending on what you want – light snow or snowstorm.
It’s snowing here!
Next, go to the command Filter – Stylization – Wind (Filter – Stylize – Wind). Deliver: Fluctuations, right (right).

Another command: Filter – Blur – Motion Blur (Filter – Blur – Motion Blur). Deliver: Angle 39 °, Bias 11px.

15) Leave the background. Let’s return to our Snow Queen. Freeze it slightly. Change the layer blending mode with Winter Girl to Glow (Luminosity).

Our Winter is ready!

16) Turn the Winter Down again.
Our collage is ready! To make it look more impressive, frame it.

I am sure that your collage has turned out even more interesting and more original than mine!
Good luck in the conquest of Photoshop, dear masters and craftswomen!

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