Coloring photos

From this lesson you will learn a very easy way to decorate photos, with many variations.

So let’s get started.
Step 1. Open our photo. As a rule, always start with a duplication of the original. To do this, clickCTRL +J.

Step 2. Create an adjustment layer Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation) by clicking the icon on the layers palette. Set the settings as shown in the picture.

Step 3. That’s what we got

Step 4. Create a new layer by clicking SHIFT +CTRL +N, blending mode change to Soft light (Soft Light). This can be done in the dialog box when creating a layer, or in the layers palette itself. You can also press the key combination after creating the layer SHIFT +ALT +F. Choose a hard brush and draw multicolored stripes.

Step 5. Apply filter Gaussian blur (Gaussian Blur) with a large radius.

That’s what happened in the end.

Alternatively, instead of drawing color stripes with a brush, you can use various gradients and patterns, change the transparency and layer blending mode, apply different filters to a layer with a gradient or color bars. The field for experiments is the widest.

I wish you luck in the difficult task of mastering Photoshop!

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