See how easy it is to turn an ordinary photo into a funny colorful comic!

Pick up a bright funny photo and open it in Photoshop.

Select the background layer in the Layers palette and click Ctrl + J, to duplicate the layer.

Name your copy as black and white.
Make sure this layer is active and click Ctrl + Shift + U (or Image> Adjustments> Desaturate) to discolor the image.

Next, go to the menu Filter – Other – Color Contrast (Filters> Others> High Pass)

Set the radius at your discretion (here 3.4 px).

Now go Image – Correction – Isohelium (Image> Adjustments> Threshold), move the slider to a position where thin, clear outlines of all the details you need appear.
Here the value is 123.

Reduce the opacity of the black and white layer to 66%.

Go to the background layer, at the bottom click on the “Create a new adjustment layer (“Create new fill or adjustment layer”) and select from the list Color / Saturation (“Hue and Saturation).

A window will open where you can add more saturation to the colors in the photo, increase the Brightness if necessary.

Find a tool , In the settings from the drop-down list of figures, select the cloud on which the words of the characters are written in the comics.

Stretch a white cloud, write a funny phrase on top of it.

And now some more similar frames with the same design and you can create your own comics!

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