Correction of bright skin areas

After completing this lesson, you will master another way to correct overexposed areas of the skin.

Step 1

Open our photo. On the left is the original, on the right – what should happen.

Step 2

Select the skin. For this you can use different tools.

First way

Go to the menu Selection – Color Range (Select – Color Range). Click on the skin. To add shades to the selection, click the pipette with the sign “+”, if it stands out too much, then with a pipette with a sign “-“.
You can simply draw the pipette in the desired areas while holding down the mouse button. We also use the slider to adjust the spread of parameters.

Second way

We use the tool Magic wand(Magic Wand). By varying the tolerance parameter, we achieve the release of the skin. If you need to add some area to the selection, click on it with the button pressed SHIFT. If, on the contrary, you need to exclude the area from the selection, click with the pressed key Alt.

Step 3

After you have highlighted the bright areas of the skin, we will make the feathering of the borders of the selected area. Selection – Modification – Feather (Select – Modify – Feather) with a radius 2 pixels (radius depends on image resolution).

Copy the selection to a new layer by clicking CTRL +J, or by pressing the right mouse button, select the command “Copy to new layer » (Layer via copy).

Step 4

Select the skin layer and bleach it by clicking SHIFT +CTRL +U. You can experiment with the team Image – Correction – Black and White (Image – Adjustment – Black and White). In each case, you need to work individually.

Step 5

Invert the layer by clicking CTRL +I. It turned out such a kind of negative.

Step 6

?Now change the blending mode to Overlap (Overlay). Adjust the opacity and fill settings for the layer. The final image shows that the skin has become more uniform in color, without sharp overexposed areas, while the texture is fully preserved.

I wish you all creative success!

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