Correction of sunset photos in Photoshop

After studying this lesson, you will learn an interesting way to correct photos taken at sunset. The method is quite simple, but, nevertheless, it gives a qualitative result, and, importantly, allows you to quickly make changes, as corrective layers are used.

I hope that you already know the interface and basic tools of Adobe Photoshop, so I will not describe in detail where and how to search for this or that command. If you have any difficulties – refer to the Photoshop Tutorial.

Step 1

Open our image. As you can see, the colors are pale, the contrast is insufficient, the image is hazy.

Step 2

Create a color balance adjustment layer. To do this, go to the menu Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Color Balance (Layer – New adjustment layer – Color balance). Change layer blending mode to Soft light (Soft Light). Adjust the color balance to your liking. I shifted a little towards red. As you can see, the image began to look better.

Step 3

Create an adjustment layer Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation). Also change the blending mode to Soft light. We also make the necessary settings. All of them will be different, depending on the image. Now much better.

Step 4

Add another adjustment layer – Curves (Curves). Slightly lower the halftone to give greater expressiveness.

The image was darkened, but we need to darken only some of its parts (part of the sky, sand on the beach). To do this, click on the mask of the adjustment layer (just in case), invert it by pressing CTRL + I. The mask will turn black.

Step 5

Now choose the tool Brush (Brush). Choose soft brush and set it to white. Go through the mask of the Curves layer where you want to show the effect of this adjustment layer (remember that the white color opens, the black color hides).

Here is our final result.

Let me remind you that at any time you can change the settings of any of the adjustment layers and get a completely different result. Also try changing the blending modes.

I wish you all creative inspiration and success!

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