Crazy day or photo manipulation in Photoshop

In this tutorial we will try to create the effect of the presence of a ghost in your photo.

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1. Image preparation.
Create a new document with the size of 500 * 708px.
Download the image of the hospital and copy it to your document (the layer is recommended to be called “hospital”).

Create a new adjustment layer Hue / Saturation (Cntr + U) – hue / saturation. For this we go Layer – New Adjustment layer – Hue / Saturation (Layer-New Adjustment Layer- Color Background \ Saturation) with these settings +75; -50; 0.

Open the image of a man and cut it onto your document, placing it in the center of the working area, as shown in the picture (for convenience, name this layer “Man”)

Duplicate the man layer and go to Edit> Free Transform (Edit – Free Transform) and compress the duplicated layer as shown in the figure:

Now on the same layer go Image> Adjustments> Hue / Saturation (Image – Correction – Color background \ saturation). Select Lightness (Brightness) -100.
Apply filter to this layer. Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur) with 10px radius. For convenience, you can rename this layer to “Shadow of a Man.”

Now download the image of the head. There are two heads in stock, pick one and move it to our document behind the person. Go to Image> Adjustments> Desaturate (Image- Correction- Cancel saturation) or Shift + Ctrl + U. Name the layer “Head 1”.

Repeat these steps for the second head, placing it as in the figure, calling the layer “Head 2”:

Now repeat these steps for the new layer, which you will call “Head 3”, taking from the image (which we named on our document “Man”) and place it also:

Select the layer “Head 1” and go through Filter – Liquify (plastic). Adjust as in the picture and, moving your cursor to the face, change a little face

Do the same for other head layers.

Download Smoke-Brushes-Set-2 and Smoke-Brushes-Set-1 Smoke Brushes.
Choose color # 000000 (black). Create a new layer behind the head layers and name it “Smoke”. Now draw the smoke with the previously downloaded brushes like in the picture.

About the following happened:

Make all layers invisible except layers with heads and smoke, go to the Channels tab and select the Red channel.

Press Ctrl + left click on the red channel icon (red) to load the selection. Return to the tab with layers. Let’s go Select> Inverse (Highlight-Inverse – selection inversion). Hide all heads and a layer of smoke. Create a new “Faces of Smoke” layer, select #FFFFFF (white) and fill this layer.

Duplicate the “Faces of Smoke” layer, go through Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (Filter- Blur- Gaussian Blur) with a radius of 8px. Change the blending mode of this layer to Screen – lightening and opacity by 80%.

Create a new adjustment layer above the “Faces of Smoke” layer. For this we go Layer – New Adjustment layer – Levels (Layer – New adjustment layer – Levels). With these settings 40, 0.61, 255.

Download brushes with particles. Choose a tool Eraser (Eraser), select the newly loaded brushes as the eraser shape and erase the part from the “Man” layer.

Duplicate the man layer. We go to Edit> Free Transform (Editing – Free Transform) and slightly increase, compared to the original layer. Name the layer “Enlarged Man”.

Select a layer with an enlarged man, apply to it mask , filled with black (# 000000). Select the foreground color to white (#FFFFFF) and open the tool brush , selecting one of the previously downloaded. On the masked layer, paint with a brush around the border of the person to create an explosive effect.

Flatten all layers (Layer) Flatten image (perform mixing)).
Now download an excellent filter that can be used for a month with full features. Install it and go Filter> Topaz Labs> Topaz Adjust 3. Open the task menu on the left and select Portrait drama (Portrait Drama). Leave all settings as they are.

Now you can pass Layer (Layer)- New Adjustment Layer (new adjustment layer) – Curves (Curves).

That’s all…

Author: Johnson Koh

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