Create a blooming collage in Photoshop

From the author: The image you see here is called “Blooming”, and was created specifically for a cosmetics company. Now I can share with you how it was created.
Here is an image of a beautiful bloom.

Note translator: The lesson is designed for users who have mastered the basics, and comfortably felt in Photoshop. The author does not go into details and details, and therefore, some omitted actions, you must understand and carry out yourself without detailed explanations.

Step 1. When you create a document for your work, you need to set the background color.
The author chose a warm brown color.
In the middle of the illustration, use a soft brush on the new layer to set the light source. Now duplicate the layer and increase a little duplicate.

Note translator: for a light source, take a white brush, and change the blending mode of this layer to Overlap (Overlay), opacity to taste.

Step 2. Now for the contrast of the image, add a few adjustment layers. Choose the settings for yourself, the main thing is that you get something like this in the screenshot below. In general, corrective layers are power!

Photo filter (Photo Filter)
Gradient map (Gradient Map)
Color Balance 1 (Color Balance)
Levels (Levels)
Color Balance 2 (Color Balance)

Step 3. In the middle of the document will arrange a photo with a girl. Adjust it with the help of corrective layers. Color balance (color balance CTRL + b) and Curves (curves ctrl + m).
Duplicate the layer with the girl and Flip Vertically (Flip Vertical. Slide it down to make a reflection, add a layer mask and, while standing on the mask, drag it with a black and white gradient. Then go to the menu Filter – Distortion – Wave (Filter – Distort – Wave) and use the default settings.

Step 4. Now add the girl wings. The author also proposes to correct the image with wings, but this time with tools Clarifier (dodge tool) and Dimmer (burn tool) with default settings.

Step 5. It is time to create curly stems. We make them with a tool Pen (Pen Tool). Create some contours. Then click on the contour with the right mouse button and select the option Outline the contour (Stroke Path). In the settings window, select Brush (Brush) and tick Simulate pressure (Simulate pressure). The brush should already be set up in advance, 10px in size, 100% hard and select a green color for the brush.

Step 6. Now add Layer styles (Blending Options) for the created stalks. Settings on the screenshots.


Step 7. To decorate the composition, cut out and add some leaves and flowers.

Step 8. Add water spray at the feet, setting the blending mode for this layer. Lighteningthe basics (Screen) and black vector flowers for the background. For colors, blending mode Overlap (Overlay). Opacity at your discretion.

Step 9. Add your own decorations made like this: create a new layer above all, set the blending mode to it Lightening basics (Screen). Now take a brush with the background color of the document and draw the figures. Set the opacity for this layer to 50%.

Author’s advice: Things like small parts were made with a small brush and deformed using a filter. Plastic – Alt + Ctrl + X (Liquify). This tool is very powerful and interesting, using it, you can change the shape of everything you want.

If you do all the steps and apply your efforts, you will get the same result as the author.

From the translator:
I wish you good luck, success in your lesson, of course, the visit of the Muses and see you again!

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