Create a collage in Photoshop “On the ruins of an old castle”

In this lesson, Elena Minakova will show you how to make a collage with a girl who wanders through the ruins of an old castle, whose walls are woven over with lush green climbing plants.

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If you have been studying Elena’s lessons for a long time, then you know that the selection of raw materials plays an important role in creating a quality collage. But what to do if there is an idea for a collage, but there are no suitable images in the right perspective, on which the stone walls of the castle are covered with ivy?

After seeing the lesson, you will solve this problem once and for all. You will learn not only to create a seamless texture of leaves, but also learn how to properly position it, taking into account perspective distortion.

And in your piggy of experience will be added a technique that the masters of Photoshop use when creating paintings in the technique of mat-painting.

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