Create a collage in Photoshop. Winter is coming

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a winter collage using Photoshop actions. The lesson “Approaching Winter” in Photoshop was inspired by the famous television series. We will create a medieval scene with a knight and castle in the background. To create a winter landscape, we will add the effects of falling snow, fog and, of course, change the color tones to change the season.

Final image:

Note: The author used paid materials. In the archive you will find an alternative version of the images to perform the lesson. Instead of a paid action (turning summer into winter), you can take a lesson Turn winter into winter in Photoshop.

Step 1

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a winter collage with realistic snow and a snowfall effect. For this lesson I was inspired by the popular fantasy series Game of Thrones. You can apply the winter effect to any other photo with the same results.

Let’s start with an image of a beautiful medieval castle on a lake. Name this layer Castle on the background.

Duplicate layer Castle on the background and name it Castle. Resize to 75% as shown in the image below.

Step 2

Add a layer mask to the layer Castle.

Using soft round BrushTool (Brush) in black make a seamless transition between two layers. You have to paint over the lake and the surroundings of the castle. Play with different levels of opacity, and also change the brush size to get good results. A layer mask is a non-invasive way to hide an image area. With black you hide, and with white you show certain areas.

To expand the lower area of ​​the image, you can use Clone stamp tool (Stamped) or can use Edit > Fill (Edit> Run Fill) Content-Aware (Given the content) – a new feature of CS5.

Step 3

In this step I will add an adjustment layer. Gradient map (Gradient Map) to change the color shades of the castle. For the gradient, take two colors # 65282f / # fef9e8, also set the blending mode to Color (Chromaticity) with Opacity (Opacity) 27%.

Duplicate layer Gradient map (Gradient Map). Set the blending mode Overlay (Overlap) with Opacity (Opacity) 100% to get a similar result.

Step 4

Now add a medieval knight on a new layer. Add a mask to this layer.

Use again Brush tool (Brush) black with different levels of opacity to hide certain areas, as shown in the preview window. Around the knight, use a hard round brush to make an exact selection. Around other areas, use a soft round brush to create a smooth effect.

Step 5

Add a Gradient map (Gradient Card) with the same colors used for the castle. Set the blending mode to Color (Chromaticity) with Opacity (Opacity) 40%, specify this layer as a clipping mask.

Add a layer Brightness / Contrast (Brightness / Contrast) as a clipping mask for a layer with a medieval knight.

Add adjustment layer Gradient map (Gradient Map) above all layers with the following colors: # 65282f / # fef9e8 and set the blending mode to Color (Chromaticity) with Opacity (Opacity) 27%.

Step 6

Create a new layer on top of all other layers, name it Medieval knight and press SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + E to make a combined copy of all layers. Duplicate this layer to the new PSD file.

For a quick and realistic winter conversion you will need action game The approach of winter (paid). Download the action and download the PAT and ATN files. Go to menu Window>Actions (Window> Operations) to open tab Actions (Operations). Select the action “WINTER EFFECT by PSDDUDE” and press the button Play (Playback).

Action will stop to set threshold Levels (Levels). Set it to position 230; the idea is to get some white details, but not too much. Click OK to continue.

The action will stop for you, so that you fill in the areas that you want to manifest, and continue to play. Via Brush tool (Brush) white paint over the knight. You can correct the effect after the action ends, so you should not pay much attention to it. Resume playback!

The action will stop for you, so that you fill in the areas that you want to make more colorful and resume playback. Take Brush tool (Brush), this time black and paint over the same area of ​​the knight. You can correct the effect after the action ends, so again do not pay much attention. Resume playback!

The action will stop here on this style layer. Pattern overlay (Overlay pattern). To move the template, hold down the mouse and move it on the screen to change the fog effect.

After the action is completed, you will have all the layers intact, so that you can adjust the result. To correct a knight, you must go inside with white color to show the areas you need, and blacks to hide the areas you need. Click on the layer mask thumbnail and simply paint over the image. To give the knight an original color effect, you must paint inside the layer. Hue / Saturationone (Hue / Saturation) black to show the effect, and white to hide it. Click on the mask thumbnail and just paint over the image.

Step 7

If you do not want to use this action, you can try some of these great tutorials on how to create a winter and snow effect in Photoshop, but this will be a longer process.

Step 8

To add a sun glare effect, I used Photoshop light rays. Having a little adjusted and having hidden some corrections, I received such result. You can use one of the Glare textures with the blend mode. Screen (Screen) or Lighten (Lighter).

As a final touch, I used a filter. High pass (Color Contrast) to sharpen the image and get an icy clear effect.

Note: You can use this lesson for sharpening.

Here is the final result of our collage Approaching Winter in Photoshop. I hope you enjoyed this photoshop tutorial!

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