Create a collage in the brutal style

Hello everybody. I will start, a little departing from the topic.
Usually, when I sit down to work, then even mentally I can not imagine what happens in the end. All ideas are born in the course of the work. In general, a full flight of fancy, and I would like to, reading this lesson, you also learned to experiment and try new techniques, or take your source, but this, of course, is a matter of your skill level.
My job is to give you an idea of ​​how this effect can be achieved.
In order to make you a little easier, I prepared textures that can be downloaded here.

The result of the lesson:

Well, let’s start ??

Step 1. Create a document with the size of 1600×1200 and fill it with white color.

Step 2. Now on the new layer insert the image and call it “Original.” Duplicate it by pressing CTRL + J and discolor it. Image> Correction> Discolor. Next, make the image more saturated. We go Image> Correction> Levels, (if the image is yours, then the settings will be different from mine), but my settings were:

Next, apply for the same layer. Filter> Sharpening,

Here with these settings:

This is what you should get,

Now reduce the layer Opacity to 52% and blending mode change to Multiplication.

Step 2. Now hold Ctrl, select both layers.

Press Ctrl + A, Edit> Combined Data and press Ctrl + V. What we got, let’s call it “Light and Shadows”. Then go Image> Correction> Shadows / Lights and apply the following settings:

And reduce the layer Opacity to 59%

Step 3. Duplicate the “Light and Shadows” layer, reduce the opacity to 98%, and reduce the Fill to 18% and change blending mode on Linear Dodge:

Step 4. Duplicate the “Light and Shadows” layer again and move it over all layers, reduce the Opacity to 68%, reduce the Fill to 18% and change blending mode on Multiplye.

Step 5. Copy the “Original” layer and move it on top of all layers, reduce the Opacity to 45%. Now adjust the color Image> Correction> Hue and saturation. I put these settings here:

You can have other settings. Here is what you should see.

Step 6. Let’s create Curves Correction Layer in order to make the photo more saturated with these settings.

Step 7. Create a new Correction Layer Photo Filter in order to give the photo a cool shade with the following settings:

Step 8. Let’s create one more Correction layer Hue and Saturation with settings:

Step 9. In principle, the photo is already not so bad looking, but I would like to lighten some parts of the face. To do this, create a new layer and fill it with white. Change blending mode on Overlap and reduce the layer Opacity to 21%, then create Layer Mask and go through those areas that we want to leave shaded.

Step 10. If you are satisfied with the sharpness of your image that you see in front of you, then merge all the layers and skip this step.

In my opinion, the image turned out a little harsh and I wanted to make it softer, but at the same time did not want to reduce the sharpness of the hair. That’s what I did.
We make the reduction of all layers by pressing the right mouse button and selecting the item Execute Rollup, further we duplicate what we have and apply on the top layer Gaussian Blur Filter But with these settings:

After that I created Layer mask and a black brush with soft edges walked through the hair.

Step 11. Now let’s work on the iris in this case, the eyes are blue. For this using lasso select the eyes, then accuracy is not important.

Now apply Image> Correction> Hue and saturation and set the following parameters:

If you do not process this photo, then your settings will be slightly different from mine.
Next, take Eraser with soft edges, very carefully remove all that is not needed, after you have removed all the excess change the layer Opacity to 48%.
Well, it seems that with the face now everything is in order and we can move on to the background.

Step 12. We load three textures 000001, 000002, 000003 at once and arrange them in this order:

As a result, we get three new layers and now you need to create for them Layer masks , clicking this button on the layers panel, if anyone does not know.

Then, we need to make our main character visible, this is how I did it.

Step 13. Make textures 000002, 000003 invisible, take a soft brush black, press the left mouse button on the mask of the 000001 texture layer and start painting on the layer mask what hinders us, after having lowered the layer Opacity to 20–30% so that we can see the outline of the main character.
After you remove everything that has disturbed you and see the hero in all its glory, return the layer Opacity to 100% and activate the top two textures. Now, pressing Alt, click on Masked texture 000001 and this is what you should see

Choose a tool Magic wand .
Set the Tolerance parameter to 45 and click on the black color. If you have not allocated the whole area, then increase the tolerance parameter until you select all the black color. Now press Ctrl + C, click on the salt mask of the higher texture and press Ctrl + V. Thus, we removed without further effort what hindered us.
Next, click on layer mask texture 000003 and press Ctrl + V.
Next, repeat the settings that are shown in the screenshots.

Step 14. Create a new layer and name it “Gradient”. Select the following options for the Gradient fill tool:

And now, draw a line from the upper right corner to the lower left corner. After that, change blending mode layer on Soft light and create a clipping mask so that the gradient does not affect the main object. Layers> Create Clipping Mask.

Step 15. Load texture 000004. Make for this texture. Layer mask and pressing Alt, click on the Mask texture 000001.
Choose a tool Magic wand . Set the Tolerance parameter to 45 and click on the black light. If you have not allocated the whole area, then increase the tolerance parameter until you select all the black color.
Now press Ctrl + C, click on the Texture Salt Mask 000004 and press Ctrl + V. Change blending mode on Color tone and reduce the layer Opacity to 61%.

Step 16. Create a new layer and select the tool. Gradient as in Step 14, only this time we need to make a frame like this:

Change blending mode on Soft light.
That is actually what we did:

Image in larger size.

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