Create a collage with a 3D effect in Photoshop

Welcome to this new lesson, in which we will be able to learn how to create 3D manipulation from a part of an image and apply it on a smartphone, creating a voluminous scene.

Final result:

Download the archive with materials for the lesson

To get started, create a new 3000 document? 2000 pixels and with a resolution of 72dpi, RGB, 8 bits.

Then open the image of the iPhone 7 smartphone, or you can use any other image, such as Samsung Galaxy, Sony or LG …

Step 2

Now take the Tool Pen (Pen Tool) (P), in mode Layer Figure (Shape layers), with white foreground color, draw a rectangle with extreme points in the corners of the smartphone screen.

Then add a mask for this layer. To do this, go to the menu bar – Layers (Layer) – Layer Mask (Layer Mask) – Show all (Reveal All).

Step 3

Now, on the layer mask, grab the Tool. Brush (Brush Tool) (B) with the following parameters:

  • The size (Size): 600 points
  • Opacity (Opacity): 30%
  • Pressure(Flow): 30%
  • Colour(Color): Black

Then paint over the layer mask on the edges.

Right-click on the layer and go to Overlay options (Blending Options), customize layer styles:

Inner shadow (Inner Shadow):

  • Modeoverlay (Blending Modes): Normal (Normal)
  • Opacity (Opacity): 58%
  • Angle (Angle): 30 degrees
  • Bias (Distance): 1 pix.
  • Tightening (Choke): 0 pix.
  • The size (Size): 98 pixels.

Internal glow (Inner Glow):

  • Modeoverlay (Blending Modes): Normal (Normal)
  • Opacity (Opacity): 30%
  • A source (Source): On the edges (Edge)
  • The size (Size): 2 pixels.

Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay)

  • Modeoverlay (Blending Modes): Multiplication (Multiply)
  • Opacity (Opacity): 15%
  • Angle (Angle): 120 degrees
  • Style (Style): Linear (Linear)

Step 4

Now, open the image with the dolphin, paste it into our document and duplicate the layer by pressing the key combination Ctrl + J.

Translator’s Note: Resize a dolphin image using Transform: Editing (Edit) – Transformation (Transform) – Scaling (Scale). You can duplicate a layer with the command – main menu – Layers (Layer) – Duplicate layer (DuplicateLayer)

Use the bottom layer with a dolphin as a clipping mask to the layer with a white screen, to do this, click on the thin line between the layers in the layers panel, hold down the Alt key, or go to the main menu – Layers (Layer) and select Create clippingmask (Create Clipping Mask).

Then using the tool Magic wand (Magic Wand Tool) (W), create a dolphin selection on the second top layer.

Now go to the main menu – Layers (Layer) – Layer Mask (Layer Mask) – Show selected area (Reveal Selection).

You can also add some water near the dolphin to achieve a realistic result.

Step 5

Then open the image of the splash of water and insert it into our work between the two images of dolphins (head and body).

After that, remove the outlines of the burst image with the Tool. Eraser (Eraser Tool) (E) or using Layer Mask (Layer Mask).

Then change the layer blending mode to Screen (Screen).

Step 6

Now open and paste the following texture into your working document:

Then change the blending mode of the layer to Soft light (Soft light) and reduce it Opacity (Opacity) up to 25%.

Finally, add the Curves adjustment layer by going to the menu Layers (Layers) – New Adjustment Layer (New adjustment layer) – Curves (Curves), set the settings as in the image below:

  • Set: Custom,
  • Color: Red,
  • Mode: Auto
  • Login: 129
  • Output: 113

  • Set: Custom,
  • Green colour,
  • Mode: Auto
  • Login: 120
  • Output: 134

  • Set: Custom,
  • Color: Blue,
  • Mode: Auto
  • Login: 112
  • Output: 135

And here we have the final result. You have learned how to make a 3D manipulation of a part of the image and create a three-dimensional scene.

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