Create a collage with a girl and a wolf in Photoshop


Zinaida Lukyanova is in touch with the Photoshop-master project.

I bring to your attention a video tutorial from a new author. Irina Gorodetskaya, the winner of the competition “Animals from the planet Shelezyaka” and “Thank you grandfather for the victory!”. This is the first author’s lesson from Irina, so please support her and not strictly judge.

In the lesson you will learn how to create a fantasy collage with a girl and a wolf on the edge of a cliff. (To enlarge the image, click on the image.)

In the process of making a collage, Irina will demonstrate:

  • technology selection objects;
  • drawing and retouching of individual parts of the image;
  • color correction and the creation of light and white pattern.

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